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Teaching this entire holistic massage method, with a complete training video to practice and a detailed 69-page PDF version manual, with a step-by-step presentation and overall review.
Explanation of the properties (physical and psychological) of the essential oils used for this work.
Detailed teaching of the role and functioning of the meridians.
Obtaining a training certificate, to practice in an office or privately in a family setting.
Support from our team, to help you develop your business.

The Massage of the 5 Continents: the massage that brings together the best techniques from around the world

Global energy balancing treatment. Reconnect with the source and its vital energy.

Several massage techniques from around the world (lomi lomi, Californian, Swedish, tuina, acupressure, Ayurvedic.), associated with specific essential oil preparations on the different phases and the energy of magnetism, constitute this treatment.
The strong point of M5C is the combination of all these techniques in a rhythm and energy of the Heart, which amplifies its effects 100 times.
This biodynamic massage process awakens natural self-healing processes by unloading bulky emotional memories as well as toxins.
The teaching of Massage of the 5 Continents has been carefully structured so that this method is acquired quickly.
Many practitioners (professional or non-professional) were able to offer this technique on their treatment card, website, very quickly after following this training.
The course materials, photos, videos, as well as the ingenuity of how this treatment is carried out, mean that it can be very quickly integrated and applied directly.

What you will learn thanks to the Massage des 5 Continents online training

During this training, you will learn step by step and at your own pace, how to practice complete treatment. You will have the opportunity to work on strategic points of the body: the back, legs, stomach, arms, chest and head. You will also discover the role and importance of the synergies of essential and vegetable oils used during the massage.

Who is the online Massage of the 5 Continents training for?

Are you of a kind nature, you like to do good to others and share love, and are you looking for additional income or to become self-employed? Or are you already a therapist and would like to enrich your offer with a new treatment? Then this training is made for you! The Massage des 5 Continents online training course is open to all wellness enthusiasts, with no prerequisites in the field. You can then practice it as you wish as a professional in your office or on your loved ones.



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