What does the job of naturotherapist consist of?

Becoming a naturotherapist typically involves extensive training in the areas of holistic medicine, nutrition, alternative therapies, and more.

A naturotherapist has already been able to train as a naturopath and wishes to broaden his field of skills with new therapeutic care techniques, hence a new course as a naturotherapist.

This training is also aimed at anyone with a strong interest in everything related to holistic medicine and wishing to retrain in this field of activity.

The naturotherapist must have as broad a knowledge as possible of different aspects of naturopathy, while practicing certain therapeutic practices himself, without being just an advisor.

Naturotherapy is a field in constant evolution. New research, trends and advances allow the naturotherapist to have the best development tools to practice.

M5C naturotherapist training

The M5C Naturotherapist training offers a wide range of techniques, both in the field of applied knowledge of naturopathy, different methods of practical therapeutic care, and in the fields of marketing and business development, allowing you to understand all the workings of have a thriving wellness business.

What you will learn with this training ?

With everything you will learn in this comprehensive training, you will have the knowledge to be able to practice several therapeutic treatments, but above all to be able to support your clients/patients in both the psychology and coaching aspects. You will be able to provide them with very relevant advice for their health, recommend plants and oils, as well as provide them with numerous therapeutic keys taught by our experts, to use after your consultations.

And after the training?

This knowledge can have the primary purpose of completing your course for your own personal development and if you are already a professional, to have new tools to be even more specialized in your practices.

Training modules

11 lessons from experts

The complete treatment method of Massage of the 5 Continents

Value : 297€

The complete treatment method of Expanse Therapy

Value : 297€

The complete treatment method of LHL

Value : 297€

Introduction to the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine

In this module, you will discover a holistic approach to the whole person, rather than focusing only on symptoms. This practice is widely used in France and Europe, in fields such as gynecology, obstetrics, pain support and oncology.

If you wish to follow a complete training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, click >> here <<

Value : 380€

Introduction to the fundamentals of Chiropractic

In this module, you will learn how to direct your treatment according to the nervous system of the person you are massaging, depending on whether they have the dominant sympathetic or the dominant parasympathetic. You will thus be able to offer a more adapted treatment, by working on muscular chains or specific muscles depending on the profiles.

Value : 655€

Finding the right posture as a caregiver

In this module, you will learn that accuracy allows us to adapt to the circumstances of existence by promoting the maximum amount of life in us and around us. Finding the right posture as a caregiver requires understanding that our psychological experience leads to energetic movements at the origin of postures which end up influencing the structure of the body.

Value : 749€

How to use essential oils?

In this module, you will learn how to use essential oils both in your practice and in everyday life. You will see how useful and easy to use certain essential oils are.

Value : 250€

How to promote your business with online marketing?

In this module, you will discover a gentle marketing method that makes it easy to generate highly qualified customers, without hard selling.

Value : 497€

Learn the basics of customer acquisition using Meta advertising (Facebook and Instagram)

In this module, you will learn how to gain visibility on Facebook and Instagram with very little budget, thanks to Meta advertising.

Value : 110€

Leadership Coaching

In this module, you will discover a best of well-being coaching methods and training with the 7 magic master formulas opening all the doors of destiny.

Value : 350€

Masterclass – Les clés du succès

Dans ce module, vous apprendrez les clés du succès pour pouvoir réussir dans le lancement de votre activité. Comprendre les causes d’échec et comment rebondir. Cette formation réunissant les meilleures expériences d’affaires, vous feront gagner un temps précieux dans le développement et la réussite de votre activité.

Valeur : 485€

BONUS MODULE : 45 minutes program helps to free yourself from all limiting beliefs and allows you to access abundance

*Free if you take the training before 01/25/2024

Hypnosis – Meditation

This 45 minutes program helps to free yourself from all limiting beliefs and allows you to access abundance. This hypnosis session, with right/left binaural system, can be followed with headphones. For a real change in beliefs, listen to the program for 21 days.

Value : 300€

With all of this training, you will already have therapeutic tools that will offer you endless possibilities for development.

But even more…

In this complete Naturotherapy training, there will also be other modules:



14 days to prove to you that this training is really worth it

In order to reassure you about the quality of our online training, we have decided to offer you the opportunity to test the training for 14 days, and to decide if it meets your expectations.

If you are not satisfied with the content of the training, you will be immediately refunded* after receipt of your request by email to the address: contact@m5c.ch

*On condition of having viewed less than 10% of the training, namely a video module. Checks will be carried out by our team.

How to have your diploma certified with the Federation of Massage of the 5 Continents and various organizations and partners (ongoing 2024)?

You want to follow this training for you, to increase your knowledge and skills and you will be able to print your certificate at the end of the training, after having watched all the videos.

You wish to have the diploma of naturotherapist approved by the Federation as well as various organizations.