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✓ Teaching of this entire holistic method, with a complete training video to practice (in French with English subtitles) and a detailed 55-page PDF manual, with a step-by-step presentation and overall review
✓ Explanation of the properties (physical and psychological) of the essential oils used for this work.
✓ Detailed teaching of cranio-sacral and cranial osteopathy.
Obtaining a diploma, to practice in an office or privately in a family setting.
Support and accompaniment of the new practitioner by the Federation team, to answer your questions and help you develop your activity

LHL: The first treatment treating the entire body and aesthetics in a single treatment

Directly receiving a lifting massage will do great good for the skin and will have an anti-aging effect, but its duration will remain limited if the ground has not been prepared beforehand.

The objective with the LHL treatment is to work upstream on everything that prevents the energy from circulating correctly, releasing the emotional, the traumas embedded in the body, remodeling the whole of the matter, the part of the facelift has then exceptional effects.

In a single treatment, there is a cranial massage, as well as Craniosacral / taken from Cranial Osteopathy, Chinese massage, Derwish massage, Japanese, Aboriginal and Indian anti-aging massage. Eye yoga, promoting the improvement of eyesight, combined with EMDR techniques, facial yoga, shiatsu, Gi-gong, techniques from different continents and cultures working on all organs just by stimulating reflex points on the face. There is also auriculotherapy. And to finalize the treatment, with revolutionary techniques of drainage and modeling of the oval of the face and refinement of the neck.

The skin is linked directly to the brain by neurotransmitters, by working with all these massage techniques, we awaken awareness of the body and organs. An elixir with a preparation of essential oils and plants from the latest research in aesthetics, is applied during a large part of the treatment and causes a phenomenal effect of rejuvenation and improvement of the skin.

1h20 of pure happiness to enable you to initiate your cellular renewal and reconnect with your true essence of life.

What you will learn from LHL online training?

During this training, you will learn step by step and at your own pace to practice complete care. You will have the opportunity to work on the strategic points of the head: Cranial Massage, Cranio-Sacral, Chinese Massage, Reflex Points, Auriculotherapy and Lifting. You will also discover the role and importance of the synergies of essential and vegetable oils used during the massage.

Who is LHL training for?

Are you of a kind temperament, do you like to give happiness to others and share love, and are you looking for additional income or to become self-employed? Then this training is made for you! The LHL online training is open to all wellness enthusiasts, with no prerequisites in the field. You can then practice it as you wish as a professional in your office or on your loved ones.



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