Why is there so much demand for the massage of the 5 continents training?

Usually, in order to acquire a therapeutic method, massage, or other, this is done at least over a week and usually over several months and the costs are also associated with this number of hours of training.

The massage of the 5 continents teaching, which brings together the best massage techniques from different cultures and continents, has been meticulously structured so that this method can be learned in only 2 days and the practitioners can teach this treatment.

Many practitioners (professional or non-professional) were able to offer this technique on their care card, website, very quickly after this training and with a few hours of practice afterwards, as it was recommended to assimilate the teaching properly.

The course materials, photos, videos and the ingenuity of the treatment process make it possible to integrate it very quickly and apply it directly to the patient.

The costs for this training are between two and five times lower than for another complete massage training.


Advantages for future practitioners:
  • To be trained in a technique in only 2 days.
  • The costs for the training are much lower than with the existing ones.
  • Very detailed pedagogical and video technical support, which makes it possible to be efficient to pass on this treatment the proper way.
  • To have the opportunity to add on your treatment list a new brand that more and more institutes are successfully practicing.
Course Objective

Learn the whole method combining specific techniques relating to an intuitive aspect that is very important for the success of this type of treatment.

Introduction to the preparation, properties and dosing of essential oils used for this work.

Treatment that can be provided in the office of a therapist or privately in a family environment.

At the end of this course and of the exercises that will be carried out during the training, the students will receive the complete teaching to carry out this treatment. Of course, afterwards hours of practice will be necessary to integrate as much as possible.

Upcoming dates to learn more about massage of the 5 continents:


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Become a teacher of this method with a significant salary.



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