I have learned so much from this training as a massage of the 5 continents trainer. I have done many things in my life and I have explained to Olivier that this is one of the most beautiful trainings of my life! The atmosphere, the method, the professionalism, the tools allow everyone to leave the training with a great set of tools. If you want to receive a massage or learn the technique, contact me by clicking on the link below. See you soon and enjoy your massage !

Dominique Lassus Minvielle 


Good morning, everyone.

A big thanks to OLIVIER!

A quantum thanks (without limit!) for the gigantic work used during our massage of the 5 continents training!

Thanks also to Yolanda, his assistant, for her friendly patience and her passion.

About the massage of the 5 continents, as a therapist for 25 years and as a trainer and creator of massages and concepts for my part, I am happy and moved to tell you that this training is a work of art in the energy field of work.

Not only do we fly across the 5 continents, but we enter the material by approaching techniques and maneuvers that are impressive and effective.

A great added value and a magical discovery were the “biphasic” oils in their function.

I am convinced that the massage of the 5 Continents is a tool that, in the hands of “everyone” (especially a therapist), becomes a means of communication and therapeutic exchange at a high level.

Once the at-all-levels-appropriate protocol has been implemented, massage of the 5 continents is essential.

Therefore, I think that everyone should do this training.

I will be happy to provide you with the details of my experience during this great training, which I highly recommend.

Lucian Retea, Vevey

It is a real pleasure to give this treatment and to see people with a happy smile and a relaxed look ♥ I love it! It is complete treatment, it will really gently affect emotions and help to remove the negative from the body and bring energies back into balance! TOP! Thank you so much Olivier for your pedagogy and for what we shared, you are a beautiful person who knows how to communicate with conscience and love for life!

Muriel Adenot, Onnens VD


In 2018, I had the opportunity to attend a course with Olivier, who taught me a mixture of interesting massage techniques from the 5 continents that allowed me to work on the different meridians. I practice it regularly at my AlphaMassage Institute in Estavayer. This massage is pleasant for both the therapist and the patient and the patients say that they are refreshed. This massage with various essential oils allows you to let go. Guaranteed journey!

Nathalie Roulin, Estavayer


Hello, more and more customers are curious about the massage of the 5 continents and those who test it are thrilled.

I like the combination of the different types of manual massages to which we add the energy aspect. It fits my personality perfectly.

As for the mixtures of essential oils, they take you far away into a magical world of scents.

Both the client and the masseuse are usually in a “second state”.

Many thanks to Olivier for teaching me this wonderful tool, which is almost indispensable for me today.

Concetta Coppola, Montezillon


My scepticism about learning an online massage has turned into great enthusiasm!

Every gesture, every pressure, every intention is well explained.

I appreciated being able to integrate it at my own pace. After each massage on my “guinea pigs”, I watched the video again to refine the techniques.

I am really satisfied when I hear after each treatment: Wow, I have never received such a pleasant and complete massage!

Attention DANGER: There is a high risk of addiction for both the therapist and the client!

Myriam Cadoux, Yverdon-les-Bains et Forel/Lx

Good morning, everyone,

Here is my feedback about the massage of the 5 continents training. I have chosen the video version of it. I found this kind of learning very interesting. At my own pace I was able to learn all the gestures that Olivier described in great detail on the various learning material. First I took the time to look at every detail several times. It is great that we can come back to it at will, as we will always have the material available. Then I practiced on two family members with the video, then on clients when I was sure of myself.

It is extremely well filmed, with very detailed, caring and warm explanations.

When I practice it, I feel very comfortable as a practitioner being bathed in the light and the warmth that comes from this so rich treatment.

I benefit from the process of the treatment as well.

The feedback from the beneficiaries is above my expectations. The relaxation is very deep, then I hear “I came out of my body” “I feel relieved by a very big weight” and a month later people still feel comfortable. They come back to have the pleasure of receiving it.

I will use it a lot in my practice in the future!

Thank you for your teaching.

Doriane Perraudin, Monthey

After following the online training of the massage of the 5 continents, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and precision of the gestures to be reproduced. This massage is very complete with this part of magnetism that brings relaxation and energy. It is very pleasant to work with these plant and essential oils, the patients feel touched by these relaxing and invigorating scents.

I don’t regret having attended this online training…I am happy to have done it and to recommend it to anyone who wants to combine magnetism and massage.

Have a sunny day !

Fabienne Röthlin, Le Locle


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible discovery, besides the Californian massage, with this massage of the world with which my entourage is in paradise, it is quite different, it is intoxicating, they tell me, and then they blooms, their body in osmosis with their spirit, their psyche is liberated, their body is lighter. It is a rich experience to perform it, but to hear the feelings, WAHOOOO I am amazed. All the keys are gathered in this treatment, for every person who respects onself and wants to bring and find all the balance that we have veiled and that we need to awaken. It is fundamental to thrive, build and awaken in complete freedom of thought. Thank you so much, you are wonderful.

Jennifer Riviera-Deriu, Annemasse

I had the great privilege to do this training with Olivier.

Two intensive days of learning and exchange.

Since then, I have practiced this massage many times. My customers ask for more.

I received the best compliment from a client who is used to massages and who told me that it was the best massage of her life.

Isn’t that the best feeback?

The blends of plant and essential oils are fabulous.

The technique is magical.

But magic also works thanks to the intention we therapists put into it. And that is something that is also taught.

So don’t hesitate any longer.

If you want to be trained, it is by far the most beautiful experience, and if you want to receive this wonderful gift, a moment of pure well-being, I am here, as well as all the other therapists.

Again, thanks you so much Olivier.

Katia Tabaroni, Genève

A magical treatment for the one who receives and for me who gives it. An incredible well-being evolution! Thank you very much for this openness, for sharing and of letting go.

Wonderful discovery for a feeling of fulfilment. It is a massage I give with a lot of humility and happiness to share.

A massage that combines the best techniques and uses Reiki is truly complete.

You have to come and discover it to become addicted to it.

See you soon.

Ghislaine Primiceri, Granges Veveyse

Hello everyone, I have followed the massage of the 5 continents online training, I recommend it to everyone because it is very well done, we have no trouble following and understanding, the training is very well filmed and explained. I practice it with universal energy, and this treatment is sublime to give, as it is to receive. The people who have received them tell me that it has opened all doors to their future and that they are becoming much calmer and more self-confident. Therefore I will use it very often in my personal development treatment. Thank you again for everything and for this great massage.

A happy and beautiful day full of light to you.

Pascale Van Eck Duymaer van Twist, Arzier


I will try to express myself briefly and concisely about everything I heard and felt about this wonderful and friendly massage of the 5 continents practice, whose teaching was given to me through video and written material.

First of all, congratulations and thanks to Olivier for giving us this practice, which is sufficiently clear and descriptive, through video.

My gratitude is also adressed to the whole team, because they are very available, no matter which of our questions was aswered very quickly, which confirms my choice for an online training.

What is also very remarkable is that you can always watch and watch again the moves you need to perform in case of doubt.

How to define this new massage technique?

I would say, energizing, relaxing, as well as being able to spend time in the “now”, both for the massaged and for the masseur.

This alliance between essential oils, energy and the variety of techniques in the world brings a magical fusion with surprising perceptions of circulating energy for both.

I would also like to point out that at the end of the third massage some people had circulatory and lymphatic particular sensations.

Of course, well-being is also one of the first words.

Many thanks to all of you

May this beautiful energy of love flood our planet……

Sonia Charles, Besançon.

Thank you, Olivier, for introducing me to this extraordinary massage. I had never been attracted to massage before and it was a revelation. I love to practice it, it also brings me a lot, essential oils are powerful and have been part of my life for a long time. The clients are very relaxed, many of them even fall asleep, it makes things happen in the lives of some people and overall I see that they gain self-confidence. In short, wonderful to consume without moderation…. Namaste

Florence Sieber, Penthalaz

Five years ago I experienced a deep depression that turned out to be a blessing. Life has not changed…. while my point of view on life has completely changed! For some years, I have been inspiring people to rediscover their joy for life through writing and painting. I had the great pleasure of writing two short books (“Dialogue with a Fairy” and “The Voice of the Heart Discovering the Wonderful Power of YES”). Now I am happy to have found other ways, other “magic wands” to help people that I meet feel the harmony and inner peace that have never – in reality – left them. After a Reiki training and the massage of the 5 continents training simultaneously, I realized that these two expressions of unconditional love, the life energy through touch (physical or not) perfectly combine!

The online massage training of the 5 continents is complete, easy to follow and designed to fit me perfectly! I am very grateful to have found this treasure!

Françoise Wischropp, Wangen bei Olten


Here is a short report about my experiences with the massage of the 5 continents online training. Through a social network I came across a video introducing this massage by Olivier Honsperger. Quickly interested, I saw that there was an online training. I have to admit that it occurred to me that it could be a scam, because after attending various training courses in schools, I had never heard of this possibility. But that didn’t stop me from starting and ordering this training.

And I was right. First of all, it is a great help to be able to watch the videos at your own pace at any time. Secondly, it is super well explained, filmed and detailed. I started watching all the videos several times by taking notes. Then I made my oils and that’s just great! Working with homemade and organic products, what more could you want!

Finally I put myself into practice by first using the video and then the PDF summary with my notes. I was able to feel comfortable without the teaching material quite quickly and have been offering it to my customers for a short time and they are thrilled. I was also told it was the best massage in the world, so I say thank you so much you for this training!

Aurore Develey, La Chaux-sur-Cossonay

I have followed this online training that is really perfect. Being able to watch the video to assimilate it well is GREAT.

What a pleasure to perform this massage that makes us travel and makes the person who receives it travel as well. A pure moment of total relaxation, of letting go. It is happiness. I am recovering from a gift from life, a burnout, and this massage is to me a rebirth, to be able to offer wellness to the people. It is the most beautiful thing I can do….. ?

Virginie Vincent, Le Brassus

After one and a half day of lessons with Olivier I went home completely transformed, thank you so much for these moments, rich in exchanges and filled with love and authenticity, truly exquisite and extraordinary.

I did the massage the next day and my friend loved it.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again, you are a beautiful being Olivier.

See you soon Ghislaine

Ghislaine Rayter, Versoix

An online course is a gift from heaven that has enticed me greatly.

In addition, the course materials are free and accompany us at will.

This massage is a plus in my practice and I enjoy performing it on any occasion, whether privately for the family or for the clients.

Every person who receives it feels a sense of well-being and a very pleasant relaxation, and I am also happy about the joy I find myself in practicing it.

It is a real pleasure to have discovered and to give this massage.

Liliane Fuchs, Fétigny

A wonderful massage for the recipient and the therapist, a massage that takes us on journeys, the scent of essential oils, a perfect blend. I practice Reiki, since my patients discovered this massage, that’s the only treatment they want.

As far as online training is concerned, everything is very well explained and detailed.

If we have questions, the answers are very fast and warm.

Thank very much to Olivier and his team.

Thank you and congratulations for showing us a wonderful tool.

Sylvain Bidois, Thonon Les Bains

I am very happy about this wonderful massage, it is a real pleasure to practice it, I have only had beautiful experiences and the feedback from the people being massaged is always positive. The online training is very clear and I was able to quickly put the massage into practice. Thank you very much.

I will practice this massage professionally at the beginning of April and present it in a regional wellness salon at the beginning of May.

Patricia Vuillaume, 2924 Montignez

Very satisfied with this massage technique. Great feelings both from the masseur and the masseuse.

The explanations are clear and friendly.

Many thanks to you.

Josiane Ricahrdet, Cruseilles

I followed the online training without any problems, everything was explained very well with the live exercise in the video support, at my own pace.

The people I practiced on were in such a state of well-being after a full body massage with oils and Reiki energy that I thought the only way to get this massage was to repeat it on site.

It is an exceptional massage to give and receive. I loved these 2 days of teaching and sharing with people who were fascinated to learn the different techniques of this wonderful massage, and Olivier, who teaches it with passion and passion.

Thank you so much for developing this technique and teaching it so well.

Véronique Monnin, Cortébert (Jura Bernois)

The massage of the 5 continents training has taken my way as a therapist as a new, great treatment that brings together the quality criteria that I like to offer. A deep letting go, the combination of magnetism and Reiki, the power of the present moment, the journey with essential oils.

The clients feel transported through all dimensions of the massage, with time, sensations, energy and the wonderful scents of the oils.

Thank you very much for this fantastic course!


Odile beney, Blonay


I had the opportunity to follow these two days with Olivier Honsperger and I loved this training very much. Since then, I have been practicing this massage regularly on my clients and everyone has loved it and asked for more. Most of them tell me that they really let go and had a wonderful journey.

Thank you Olivier for sharing this magic, this wonderful teaching.

Have a beautiful day.

Chantal Bifrare, Préverenges

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