Global energy balance treatment.
To reconnect with the source and the life energy.


  • Détox
  • Letting go

  • Revitalization

  • Reconnection

Why is the Massage of the 5 continents the best massage in the world?

The M5C, thanks to its own energy resulting from the development and approach of its sequences, has the ability to bring together several techniques of the world in a synergistic way, combining massage, aromatherapy and the energy of magnetism.

  • With the eye of a falcon, tiger or dragon nail, the M5C immerses us in Asia, rich in techniques such as Shiatsu and Tuina, which make the body more balanced through energetic meridians.

  • Going forward with the techniques of the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, which means “unique/divine massage”, the M5C also offers “wave” life effects that flood the whole body with a soothing relaxation.

  • From the Turkish massage, offered in baths, with soap, the specialists grip hands and legs in an energetic and dynamic way, with a very effective and relaxing effect.

  • The ayurvedic touches and the journey through the chakras transport us to India, where the marma’s and energy points have their rightful place in the M5C.

  • Obviously, rooted in the muscular ground and anatomical markers of the body, the M5C looks like a Swedish massage.

The strength of the M5K is the combination of all these techniques in a rhythm and an energy of the heart that amplifies its effects 1000 times over. When love transmits its message in the world and to infinity, let us share our passion for the massage of the 5 continents through our hands and our heart..


Treatment that combines the energy of Reiki and / or magnetism different types of massages from different cultures and origins. (lomi lomi, Californian, Swedish, tuina, acupressure, ayurvedic.)

Specific essential oil preparations are applied to the various phases, the first to detoxification, the second to relaxation, letting go and the last to revitalization, reconnection and stimulation of the immune system.

Therapeutic method of magnetism and Reiki combined with a very powerful, slow and deep massage of the whole body, which allows the life energy to circulate directly in the human body.

It is a massage process related to the person’s inner healing energy and universal energy, through which the life force (Kundalini) is gently lifted along the body and spine to release a large part of this force to the heart.

This biodynamic massage process awakens the natural processes of self-healing by relieving cumbersome emotional memories and toxins. Like a psychotherapy for the body, it enables a whole restful and initiating development, opens the memory of the body, gradually cleanses the old traumas and allows the energy of pleasure and life (libido) to flow freely.

This kind of care provides an impressive physical and mental relaxation.

It gradually restores great self-confidence and a new vitality, restores self-esteem, a great sense of peace, joy of life and, above all, the harmonization of the emotional charges that block our energy.

The preparations used in this treatment with sacred plants, essential oils and various vegetable oils are proportionally distributed according to the criteria of the phases : tea trees, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, cypress, ravensare, niaouli, savory, ylang-ylang, vetiver, rosemary, peppermint, mandarin, geranium and ginger ( non-exhaustive list).


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible discovery, besides the Californian massage, with this massage of the world in which my entourage is in paradise, it is quite different, it is intoxicating, they tell me, and they are blooming afterward, their body in osmosis with their spirit, their psyche is liberated, their body is lighter. It is a rich experience to do it, but to hear the feelings, WAHOOOO I am amazed. All the keys are gathered in this practice for every person who respects oneself and wants to bring and find all the balance that we have veiled and that we need to awaken, it is fundamental to thrive, build and awaken in complete freedom of thought. A big thank you to you, you are wonderful.

Jennifer Riviera-Deriu, Annemasse


Receive this certification training and teach the massage of the 5 continents.

This treatment has been taught for only 5 years by its creator, Olivier Honsperger, and there is a very strong demand from trained therapists for the possibility to teach it and not just provide it.

That is why a teaching programme has just been set up.

Each new certified teacher has now the opportunity to train future practitioners and make it a rewarding activity by passing on the massage from the 5 continents training.

The courses are offered in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

The prerequisite is: Reiki 1 or higher, basic magnetism or other training, (also beginners) in the therapeutic field of bodywork.

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